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Swift Water Rescue
Developed to assist fire departments and SAR teams to meet the requirements of NFPA 1006 and NFPA 1670, the ResQmax™ line thrower may be used in swift water technical rope rescue to deploy a rope or messenger line across a river or stream, or to deploy an auto-inflating sling and buoyant rescue line to a victim in the water.
Recommended Kit - No. 412


line thrower swift water rescue
Ocean / Surf Rescue

Rip tides and under-tows are unpredictable and can transport an unwary swimmer from the security of the shore very quickly. The ResQmax™ can be deployed with an auto-inflating sling to provide buoyancy while the swimmer is pulled to safety. Capable of throwing an 8mm water rescue line up to 300 feet in a matter of seconds, the ResQmax™ is a rescue solution that does not put the rescuer at risk.
Recommended Kit - No. 411

line thrower ocean rescue
Ice Rescue
Keeping the rescuer safe is a crucial aspect of saving a victim who has fallen through the ice. Use the ResQmax™ from land and a safe distance to throw a rescue line, or a rescue line and auto-inflating sling, to a victim without putting the rescuer “on thin ice”.
Recommended Kit - No. 412


line thrower ice rescue
Man Overboard Rescue

In man overboard situations at sea, even in daylight hours, loss of visual contact with the victim is almost immediate. When the sea state or weather factors are adverse, or during hours of darkness, search and rescue attempts are further complicated and often futile. To mitigate the time lost waiting for the deployment of a rescue craft, the ResQmax™ line thrower can dramatically lower recovery time, and the risk of hypothermia in Northern climes, by delivering an auto-inflating sling and a rescue retrieval line to the victim in a matter of seconds, before visual contact is lost by the crew onboard.
Recommended Kit - No. 411

line thrower man overboard
High Angle Rescue

When accidents leave victims stranded at otherwise inaccessible locations, the ResQmax™ may be used to establish the first vertical line and provide the rapid ascent rescuers need to reach a stranded victim. By throwing a climbing line, rescue teams can quickly access locations in rough and steep vertical terrain. The ResQmax™ can also be used for emergency evacuation of chairlifts, gondolas, and construction sites.
Recommended Kit - No. 410

line thrower high angle rescue